For years, car enthusiasts have been finding ways to upgrade their cars – from installing new interior to better brakes, suspensions, wheels, tires, transmissions  to a complete body kit. “What more can we do?” In speaking with other Mustang enthusiasts, I’ve come to learn this – they love their Mustangs and some day dream of owning a classic Mustang Fastback. To help make that “dream come true,” not with a true Mustang Fastback, but with an affordable modification, we introduce to you the Removable Fiberglass Roof. These are custom built by a fiberglass business with more than 20 years of experience. This does not, in any way, take away from the history of the Ford Mustang Fastback, it just allows individuals to give their Mustangs a modern makeover.

Roof Features:

  • Will fit 1964½-68 Mustang Convertible and heavily modified coupe to roadster Mustangs.
  • Weighs approximately 30 pounds before trimmed out with rear window and can be removed in less than 2 minutes.
  • Secured with 2 bolts (in the front) and 2 wing nuts (in the rear – note the two holes in the back seat metal reinforcement must be enlarged to fit the coupe sun-visor rods, a simple and inexpensive method to secure the backside of the roof – the convertible well liner covers the holes).
  • Front of roof is built to have a gasket that sits on the windshield stainless steel trim.
  • Metal reinforcement where wing nuts attach. Adjusting the double nut adjusts the roof height.
  • Weather-stripping can be attached where the roof sits on the convertible boot snap trim (hockey sticks). It’ll keep out most of the water and wind noise.
  • Roof can be as water tight as owner would like. The tighter the roof, the more chance of paint damage.
  • The trunk cannot be opened with the roof on. It may be possible to modify it but we feel it‘ll change the look of the convertible.


Disclaimer: Buyers/Users of these products do so at their own risk. Seller will not be held liable for any damages, accidents, injury or loss incurred. Seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs or replacement regardless of any oral statements about these products. Patent pending.

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