Removable Fastbacks

Ford Mustang Fastback Removable Fiberglass Roof

1964 1/2 – 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback Removable Fiberglass Roof

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  • Roof Features:


    • Will fit 1964½-66 Mustang Convertible and heavily modified coupe to roadster Mustangs.
    • Weighs approximately 75 pounds when trimmed out and can be removed in less than 2 minutes.
    • Secured with 2 bolts (in the front) and 2 wing nuts (in the rear – note the two holes in the back seat metal reinforcement must be enlarged to fit the coupe sun-visor rods, a simple and inexpensive method to secure the backside of the roof – the convertible well liner covers the holes).
    • Front of roof is built to have a gasket that sits on the windshield stainless steel trim.
    • Metal reinforcement where wing nuts attach. Adjusting the double nut adjusts the roof height.
    • Weather-stripping can be attached where the roof sits on the convertible boot snap trim (hockey sticks). It’ll keep out most of the water and wind noise.
    • Roof can be as water tight as owner would like. The tighter the roof, the more chance of paint damage.
    • The trunk cannot be opened with the roof on. It may be possible to modify it but we feel it‘ll change the look of the convertible.
    • Regarding the Convertible and Fastback door glass being shaped differently – the 1965-66 roof has a separate interior mold that will accept fastback door glass. The second interior mold accepts the convertible door glass.
    • Roof for1967-68 roof also available. Contact us for more information.

    Purchasing a Roof:


    • Price: $2,650 (for fiberglass roof only, includes $200 crate fee). Shipping is not included.
    • Shipping costs depend on roof model and destination (domestic/international). U.S. estimate: $350-450.
    • Back window, drip rail and window trim are not included. These can be purchased from any large mustang supplier (e.g., NPD and Mustangs Unlimited).


1967-1968 Removable Fiberglass Roof


  1. How much work is required before painting? is the mold pretty smooth or require some “finessing”? Shipping cost to So-Cal zip code 93065? In stock? 64.5 convertible. Gotta have one!

    • Docsmitty

      Hey Gene,
      I think we already talked but I can get a top to any commercial shipping address (with forklift) in the continental U.S. for no more than $2950 even if I have to cover some of the shipping.

    • Docsmitty

      The roofs are very high quality, only light sanding and primer is required after you contour it to the lines of your car. I can typically have one fit and ready for primer in 4 hours.

  2. Chris


    How would I modify a coupe structure to be strong. I know cutting the roof off makes it very weak. Where does the body and sub need to be beefed up? Do you have instructions on how to do this? Thank you.


    • Docsmitty

      Here is a link to the instructions to install the Mustangs plus chassis strengthening kit there are also some racing kits that will work as well as making a custom kit. If one is not comfortable with doing a lot of welding it may be easier to start out with a convertible.

  3. Ron


    Is this roof als for a 67 Mustang?
    Do you ship tot the Netherlands?

    Greeting Ron.

    • Docsmitty

      Thank you for your post. Yes it does fit the 1967 mustang. I will ship internationally. Expect it to be around $700-800 plus a crate fee. Feel free to send me an email to work out the details.

  4. Rodrigo Ruelas

    Hi can you ship to Mexico?

  5. William Holland

    I want to order one for my 66.

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